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Fresh Cuts Clothing

Hemp Face Mask

€3,95 EUR

Protect yourself and others with our environmentally friendly Uni Sex Face Mask
 We set out to create a product that could assist with preventing the spread of respiratory droplets while replacing the single use plastic mask.
These 40% organic cotton and 60% hemp face masks have 2 layers of fabric. They are lightweight, made from breathable material and an alternative to their plastic counterparts. We are happy to provide you with the ability to take some precaution while limiting plastic use!
- Natural & hypoallergenic

-Naturally Antibacterial as hemp contains antimicrobial properties in the fiber
VERY IMPORTANT HEALTH NOTE:  These cotton masks are unregulated and do not provide the same health protection as regulated N95 respirators or surgical masks.
***Returns Policy*** Due to the nature of this product, we cannot accept returns as they may be a risk to spread of the Virus.