Our Suppliers


Our Partners

At Fresh Cuts we only partner with suppliers that we trust and share the same views and standards as us. We have met and built a strong relationships with them that will allow us to grow together. We have the same common goals and respect that. Our partners are certified by world wide recognized standards. This means that the factories that work for us are audited on a regular basis and must conform to certain social and ethical standards in both their manufacturing process and labor standards. In most cases our partners go above the standards that's required of them. We work with Three suppliers all based India. 

Our first supplier is used for our bespoke hoodies, crew and t-shirts made of organic cotton jersey. A small business with 100 workers (65% women and 35% men) they believe in order for future generations to survive on this planet changes must be made. They are both GOT’s & Fair Trade certified. We plan on growing our relation ship with this factory and have a great working relationship. They are sourcing yarns from mills that are powered by Wind energy and are implementing solar power for their sewing factory. They are reusing 90% of waste water using RO System and the other 10% waste which is sludge is being used for manufacturing of building materials like cement blocks. The also invest in social programs for the employees, such as financing medical insurance. They're paying living wages to their workers which are higher than the minimum wages of Industrial benchmark described by Indian Labor. This allow them to cover all their living expenses.

Our Second factory is a wholesale supplier who we source a variety of organic cotton jersey tees from. The factory is powered by renewable energy from solar panels and windmills, which makes the production even greener. They are a vertically integrated manufacturer meaning they have everything in house, from spinning mills to the finishing process. With 1600 staff this is a much larger organization but still conforms to all our strict standards and is GOTs, Fairtrade and Fear Wear certified.

Our third and newest factory based in Bangalore is where we produce our woven products. It is where our new line of Fresh Shirts are being produced and we intend to grow this range over the next few years. The factory started in 2010 and is owned by three pioneers in sustainable garment production, one of them being the initiator of the Fairtrade Cotton program. It is both Fairtrade and GOTs certified.