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Here’s How You Can Get Double The Wear Out Of Every Item In Your Wardrobe

Posted on September 20 2017


Curated closet. Seasonal staples. Never before has so much pride been taken in the minimalist movement. Nor have we taken so much time to say ‘less is more.’

Because, at the bones of it, that is all any of those wardrobe gurus, detox drapers and minimal magicians (yes, really), are actually trying to say: ‘Less is more.’

Or “simple is the new black” according to, a website dedicated to teaching the masses how to make more out of the minor — something we can also shed a little light on by sharing these simple tips.


Clear out your wardrobe


This may seem like a slightly backward beginning — trying to double your winnings by cutting them short — but bear with us.

This is a clear-out like no other. Forget your ‘when I lose a few extra pounds’ pile or your ‘baggy flares are totally going to come back around soon’ pile, this clearout is going to be brutal. There are just two questions to be asked.

‘Have I worn it in the last six months?’ and ‘can I live without it?’

Like we said, brutal. However, after sifting through the array of the now shapeless shirts and the ‘what was I thinking?!’ skirts, you’ll thank us. Seriously.


Waste not, want not…


… or visa versa. Either way, it’s time to find anything that’s in the nay–pile, and in good condition, a new home. Be it a hand–me–down to a friend or relative or, donating it your local charity shop or recycling centre, when it comes to good quality garments, the bin should never be its final destination.

Do a style assessment

Far be it from us to get all up in your get–up grill, but it’s time to take a good hard look at yourself. Go on, have a serious ogle.

Are you a man defined by your signature geo–print tees?

Are you a woman who swears by a breton stripe?


Well keeping looking, your style is in there somewhere and will be a lot easier to access now that the excess is gone.


Invest in decent basics


Once you’ve got your mojo a la mode on, it’s time to fill in those garment gaps with some high-quality basics.

Something basic is not, prior to popular belief, that absolute Aisling you see carrying her court shoes to work every morning. But rather, it is a piece of clothing that can easily insert itself into your wardrobe. Alone it makes no real noise, but when paired with your favourite jeans, dress, skirt etc, it is magic.

When it comes to basics, quality is key. Not least for the magic it makes (see above), but for the multitude of wares you can, and you will, get out of it. Nobody wants to see an exposed armpit through your plain white tee nor, a wayward split at the seams of your best jeans, so when it comes to basics, you gotta drop that buck.


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Mix and Match


It sounds simple, because it is. Well, it is now that you have gotten your personal style sorted. And now  that you’ve got the garments to reflect it and those all important basics to fill in those gaps, it’s time to accumulate those outfits.

Fashion Editor of Stellar Magazine, Linda Conway, reckons that a little creativity goes a long way: “You'll be surprised at how many looks you'll come up with when faced with a minimal wardrobe, it's the best way to get imaginative!”

So grab your thinking cap (if wasn’t placed in the Nay–pile) and get creative with your clothes.




Something that should be naturally ingrained in our society as it is — four seasons in one day and all that — layering is a way of life when it comes to minimal dressing.

A savvy style tip that, not only lowers your probability of getting absolutely drowned if the heavens open up, but, also helps you to rework your look as different styles and seasons dictate.

Over, under, tied around your waist — we’re not picky, we just want to see you make the most out of your capsule wardrobe, your curated closet or whatever you want to call it.

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