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7 Garments To Last You A Lifetime, Only At Fresh Cuts

Posted on September 20 2017

“Fashions come and go, but style is”…something, something, something.

While the man who said this was something of an undisputed genius, the extensive use and unfortunate misuse of this phrase has made it something of cliche.

And while Saint Laurent’s original sentiment of style being eternal may have been, at the time, profound or, at least, mildly meaningful, the use of the phrase in ‘inspirational’ Instagram quotes or, worse, ‘’inspirational’ tattoos, has made it somewhat redundant and, at times, somewhat ridiculous.

But, it shouldn’t be, not at at all. Fashions do come and go but, building a slick, stylish and sustainable wardrobe is not only forever, but is also totally doable with these key pieces from Fresh Cuts.

A bag from Baggu, €9.95

With its jaunty print and durable quality, the Baggu totebag doesn’t just scream fun but, with its multi-purpose nature, it also stands up for fundamental environmental rights too!

The Ethletic Fair Trainer Lo Cut,  €64.90

An old-school aesthetic backed up by a sustainable background, these trainers tick all of the boxes in terms of longevity and fair trade production. Made from organic certified fair trade cotton and natural rubber, these runners stand the test of endurance of ethical practice.

No Limits Eco Zip Hoodie, €59.95, available for Men and Women

You’ve heard the hype, now wear the hoodie.

YES! — They really are as soft as puppies tummies!

YES! — Bono actually said that...maybe.

But — YES! — Made from organic and recycled materials, the No Limits Eco Zip Hoodie is a garment for life.

Mud Jeans Skinny Hazen, €98

Made from organic cotton free from chemicals, Mud Jeans mean deadly quality for you and a vast improvement in the quality of life for cotton farmers. These are jeans for life, but if you’re looking for a change, no sweat. When it suits Fresh Cuts allows you to simply return your old jeans and they will recycle them for you. Oh, and give you 10 quid off your next pair of Mud Jeans!

And for the lads

Mud jeans

The Natural Grid Backpack €44.95

School might be out for us, but our disdain for being laden with our life’s possessions is not. The Natural Grid Backpack is — as the French would say — a sac de problem solving. I.e. it carries around our crap, stirs us clear from any back problems and looks sharp AF while doing so.

French Terry Burnout Hood, €59.95

Blending in while standing out, when it comes to personal style the French Terry Burnout Hood has a slight paradoxical element to it which, if you ask us, only adds to its appeal. Bonus points awarded for its super soft, authentically worn cotton feel.

Fresh Cuts Graphic Tee, €25

Dropping shapes and some serious style, with the Fresh Cuts’ Graphic Tee you can be assured of doing both, all while safe in the knowledge that your tee is made from 100% organic cotton and is designed and created in Dublin. Better still, with only 150 of each style printed, you can avoid any awkward doppelgänger moments. Fresh.

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