Fresh Cuts Clothing and MUD Jeans ‘Take Back’ scheme.

Fresh Cuts Clothing and MUD Jeans ‘Take Back’ scheme.

Fresh Cuts Clothing and MUD Jeans ‘Take Back’ scheme.
‘Save your favourite old jeans from landfill and drop them into Fresh Cuts to be recycled - in partnership with MUD Jeans’
Who doesn’t love a good pair of jeans? In fact each year, over 200,000 million pairs of jeans are sold worldwide! The problem is, when it comes to sustainability, jeans are one of the biggest polluters in fashion. Each pair of jeans takes over 7000 litres of water to produce, while using numerous toxic chemicals.
Luckily for us, this doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to our wardrobe staples, thanks to the innovative dutch denim brand, MUD jeans.  MUD was founded to create jeans without destroying the earth and its resources, building a production model around the circular economy, fair production and positive activism. 
In 2020 Mud Jeans became a fully certified B-Corp. That means that their business practice is built around their impact on air, climate, water, land, biodiversity and workers rights, rather than profit. Out of 4000 B-Corps, MUD score among the top 5% in environmental performance.
They make their jeans from a mix of organic cotton and up to 40% post consumer recycled denim - the highest % in the world to date.  So far they have saved over 20,000 pairs of jeans from landfill, and are aiming to develop the first ever pair of 100% recycled jeans!
MUD Jeans are toxic free and consume 93% less water, 74% less CO2, and 51% less biodiversity than industry standard.
As it stands, over 3/5ths of all garments currently produced end up in landfill within a year, 
MUDs policy is to take responsibility for their own waste, by collecting their old, worn out jeans from customers to make into new jeans. They will also take your pre-loved denim, from any brand, in any condition, and recycle it into a new pair of jeans. As long as they are over 96% cotton, In return MUD will give you 10 euros off a new pair.

As Irelands main stockist of MUD denim, Fresh Cuts have partnered with MUD to make this offer available outside of mainland Europe. You can drop your old favourites into our shop on Castle Market, and as long as they are 96% cotton we will send them on to Mud Jeans, who will give them a second chance at life. In return for your jeans we will give you a 10% discount on a brand new pair of Mud Jeans from our range in-store!

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